Terms & Conditions



All quotations issued are valid for a period of three days from the date of issue or as stated on the quote, whichever the latter, and are subject to availability, unless otherwise specified.



Confirmation of an order is subject to payment of a non-refundable deposit as per the quote Such payment assumes understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions in their whole. Liability for misunderstandings on instructions placed verbally is not accepted.   



A 50% non-refundable deposit is required for acceptance of any quotations.


The total remaining balances are to be paid via cleared funds four weeks prior to the event date. Failure to pay any remaining balances will result in the Invoice and order being cancelled without any refund or compensation from Mandaps of London. It is your responsibility to ensure the balances are paid in time as reminders may not be given by us for the remaining balance.



Cancellation of any accepted order must be provided in writing. In the event of a cancellation, any deposits paid shall be retained as an administration charge in full.


In the event of cancellations being made up to 12 months prior to the event date then 100% of the deposit(s) will be retained and the remaining full invoice/quote amount will become chargeable and due immediately.


In all other cases only the deposits will be retained in full.



Mandaps of London will deliver (and setup where appropriate) any goods hired at its own cost, unless and otherwise specified on the quote/invoice.


The client is responsible in ensuring that the venue is open for access at the agreed time, that it is suitable to accommodate the items and there is adequate goods lift if required. No responsibility or liability is accepted for any issues arising due to setup delays due to delayed venue access or other reasons for which are beyond the reasonable control of Mandaps of London.


It is the client’s reasonability to ensure adequate setup and dismantling times have been agreed with the venue at their own cost.


The client is to ensure that items supplied during setup are ready for collection at the agreed time. Any delays will incur additional labour charges of £250.00 per each delayed hour or part thereof.


Mandaps of London is not responsible for any charges incurred to the customer due to any delays arising from delivery, setup and/or collection.


If loading bays are unavailable/occupied during any agreed setup and dismantling times resulting in Mandaps of London having to park it’s vehicle(s) elsewhere in areas where they may be clamped or receive parking fines, the client is responsible for any such charges arising from the fines. The client is responsible for any car parking fees, these will be added to the final invoice and is required to be paid prior to the event.


Mandaps of London may at times have to secure items by way of wires, cables and carpets by using strong adhesive tape for health & safety reasons.  Please be aware that residue marks may be left behind on the surface and that Mandaps of London is not responsible for any damages arising from this cause and you indemnify Mandaps of London in whole for any such charges that may arise.


Floor plans/layout of any décor items must be supplied by the client four weeks prior to the event date. Mandaps of London reserve the right to adjust any supplied plans/layouts should any difficulties arise from the given information. Failure to supply any written plans of the intended layout will result in Mandaps of London determining a suitable position/location for ordered items at their full discretion, without any recourse.


In the event of outdoor functions/events, the client is responsible in checking the weather forecast and making a decision on if/where the set-up takes place. The client will be liable for any damages caused to the items supplied by Mandaps of London due to adverse weather conditions, and will be invoiced accordingly no later than 14 days after the event date.   The cost of which shall be at the full discretion of Mandaps of London.



It is the client’s responsibility to ensure any platforms / stages, unless hired from Mandaps of London, are laid out in advance of the agreed set up time. Dimensions for any stage/platforms must be obtained in advance from Mandaps of London, and responsibility of any stage/platform is of the clients, unless hired from Mandaps of London.


It is the client’s responsibility to ensure people on the stage/platform is kept to a minimum in order to minimise health and safety risk. This would be applicable whether the stage/platform was provided by Mandaps of London, the venue or by the client themselves. Once the initial setup has been completed, Mandaps of London will not be held accountable or liable in any way should any incidents occur.



The client is responsible for the damage or loss of any items supplied by Mandaps of London. The client will be notified within 14 days of any costs in repairing or replacing any goods hired to the client. Any such costs must be met by the client within 7 days of the notice being issued.


Items hired from Mandaps of London maybe fragile or heavy. Due to health and safety reasons it is the client’s responsibility to ensure care is taken and, for example, children are never left unattended around the items provided by Mandaps of London.


It is recommended that a family member stays behind until all items have been accounted for and collected by Mandaps of London. If there are any shortages or damages and there is nobody available to be notified, the client will have to accept the loss/damages as accounted for by Mandaps of London.



A refundable security deposit may be required in advance with the final balance, if so, the client shall be notified in the quote/invoice. This may cover or contribute towards any sums owed to Mandaps of London arising from any loss or damages. If there are no additional charges to be made, the deposit will be refunded in full within 14 days of the event/return date, which is the latter.


  1. TITLE

All items remain the property of Mandaps of London and/or its suppliers, with the exception of fresh flowers, unless agreed otherwise.



If the client hires linen, and an agreement to lay the linen has been specified, the client must ensure the tables are laid out at the agreed time for the linen to be placed. If for any reason the tables are not laid out, the linen will be left to one side and it shall then be the client’s responsibility to arrange placement of the linen.


Should chair covers be ordered, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that these will fit the chairs supplied by the venue. The client must ensure the chairs are set out at the agreed time for the chair covers to be placed. If for any reason the chairs are not laid out, the chair covers will be left to one side and it shall then be the client’s responsibility to arrange placement of the chair covers.



All fresh floral orders are placed four weeks prior to the client’s event with the florist. Should clients wish to make any amendments to the fresh flowers then this must be done at least four weeks prior to the date of event. Mandaps of London cannot guarantee that any changes made hereafter will be honoured. Cancellations on the fresh floral order must also be made four weeks prior to the date of the event. Failure to notify Mandaps of London of any cancellations will result in the client being charged 100% for the orders placed.


If clients supply reference images, whilst Mandaps of London will make every attempt to provide a similar product, we cannot guarantee them to be the same as there is likely to be variations on the delivered product.


  1. OTHER

Any items bought to the venue by the client shall be at their own risk.  Mandaps of London will not be held responsible for such items.


Mandaps of London are not responsible for laying out any tables, head tables, chairs, linen or table decorations unless otherwise agreed in advance of the event date and in writing.


The client must ensure a working fire extinguisher is immediately available when they are using the Havan Kund (fire pot) as Mandaps of London accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the fire if it becomes  or is deemed a hazard.


Mandaps of London are not liable for any bulbs or fuses which blow during the setup or the event, as these can blow at any time and are not within the control of Mandaps of London. The client must ensure that the correct number of sockets are available and in working order in order to setup any lighting equipment as required.


Clients must ensure adequate space is assigned for the setup of any stage décor or Mandaps. Measurements for required dimensions can be obtained in advance, however Mandaps of London cannot accept responsibility for any shortfall in the required space.


For marquee events, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure adequate height clearance is available. Measurements of the highest and lowest marquee points will need to be supplied by the client to Mandaps of London. It is the clients responsibility should the dimensions not be provided and the allocated space is not adequate.


The Client must ensure there is sufficient electrical power available for the items hired from Mandaps of London. Special observations must be made when generators are used due to limited power output.


Red Carpet ordered within a package will be reconditioned, i.e. this will not be brand new and may have signs of wear and tear, unless a new one has been ordered specifically for the event and paid for by the client. Mandaps of London shall endeavour to ensure all carpets provided are in reasonable condition.


If a venue has any restrictions in place, e.g. no stapling on venue tables, affixing by adhesive tape etc it is the client’s responsibility to notify Mandaps of London. No liability will be taken if any restrictions come to light during/after the event.


All details on the Invoice/Quote should be thoroughly checked by the client for any errors/omissions, and must notify Mandaps of London of any discrepancies within 24 hours from the date of issue. Mandaps of London accept no responsibility for any issues notified after this time.



Mandaps of London reserve the right to re-quote any items on a quotation should this change after the date of the quote.  Increase in items added to a Quotation / Invoice will be charged at the rate applicable at that time, which may differ from the original stated prices.


Once a package price has been quoted / invoiced, and should the client wish to change / remove any items from the package, the stated prices for other items and / or the package may change to reflect the adjustment(s) made.


Any changes to an invoice must be made at least 12 weeks prior to the event, in order to avoid interference with processing operations. Mandaps of London cannot guarantee the supply or service of any adjustments made within 12 weeks prior to the event date, and also reserve the right to deny any such changes.


No changes / adjustments can be made to the invoice within the last 12 weeks prior to the event date to avoid any issues arising or items being missed / not amended.


Mandaps of London reserve the right to make adjustments to the terms if necessary at any time.



Should there be any complaints, please advice the onsite team leader from Mandaps of London during the event. If unavailable, please contact the relevant office that has been dealing with the booking to make them aware of any issues.


All complaints should be made in writing within 24 hours of the event date to Mandaps of London at: sales@mandapsoflondon.co.uk



If either party is subject to an event of Force Majeure, that is circumstances outside its

reasonable control, including but not limited to war, fire, industrial disputes or civil

commotion, it shall notify the other and the first party’s obligations under these Terms

shall be suspended until it notifies the other party of the end of such event of Force




No variation of these Conditions or of any of the documents referred to in them shall be valid unless it is in writing and signed by or on behalf of each of the parties.


This agreement and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of England and Wales.


If any part of this Agreement is found to be void or un-enforceable by any Court of competent jurisdiction, such part shall be severed from this Agreement which will otherwise remain in full force and effect. 


Upon reading these terms and conditions in their entirety you must decide whether you wish to be bound by them. If you pay any monies towards our services or those of a third party involved in the organisation of your event then you will be deemed to have agreed to them in full and with no additional clauses or changes to the existing wording.



Client: The person who engages our services (also referred to as ‘you’).

Services:  Items or services provided by us.

Our Fee: The price charged to you for the provision of the Services.

Mandaps of London: Provider of items or services itself of via a third party.