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White round mandap Mandaps of London are specialist providers of mandaps & other wedding decorAs a family owned business for many years Mandaps of London we pride ourselves on giving excellent, advise, service & products for your special wedding day.

We can provide all your wedding decor needs under one roof giving you peace of mind that one of the key elements to your wedding is in safe hands.

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When choosing your mandap consider:



It is important that the mandap compliments the venue & the surroundings such that it sets the right tone for your wedding.


The mandap should be proportionate to the size of the of the wedding venue, remember it’s what people see first, too small & it will be lost, & if too big it will look obtrusive .


Mandaps come in a variety of colors & shades from brown wooden carved mandaps, white wooden mandaps, white & gold crystals mandaps to draped mandaps in various colours. 


Mandaps generally come in round, oval & square formations.  Although mandaps can take on other forms, remember it must be keeping inline with your theme or it may look out of place.  

Services overview

Mandaps of London can provide all your wedding decor needs including the following: